A new type of taste---cooling taste-Cooling Agent

August 20, 2021

Latest company news about A new type of taste---cooling taste-Cooling Agent

When it comes to taste, people first think of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and so on. However, in recent years, "cool" has begun to become a novel taste.

As for cold, the first thing that comes to mind is mint. When everyone chews, a refreshing sensation will burst out, so that people who are about to fall asleep will instantly wake up and relax. In addition, in the process of using toothpaste, shower gel, and refreshing beverages, you will also experience the coolness and freshness, which makes the mouth and skin feel cool and fresh and comfortable; in the use of menthol cigarettes, the menthol flavor is released when inhaled Evenly and moderately, it makes people feel comfortable and refreshing.

The refreshing taste not only acts on the human mouth to produce a cooling sensation, but also applies to the human skin. Whether it is a person's mouth or skin, there are cold sensors that can transmit cooling sensations, and they are receptors of cooling sensations. A new class of compounds is derived from this, which can give people a physiologically cool feeling, called cooling agents. Cooling agent is the general term for all chemical substances that can produce cooling effect and are not strong in medicinal properties.

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When Speaking of cooling agents, the first product come to our mind must be menthol (mint).
Indeed, menthol is one of the most common cooling additives, also called mint.
It is a cool,fresh-sweet and light mint-like taste. It is the main component of peppermint essential oil, colorless needle-like crystals/ granular.


However, in recent years, people’s requirements for coolness have become more and more delicate, which also shows some of the shortcomings of menthol
(1) Menthol is volatile and not resistant to high temperatures. Some products that require high-temperature processing are restricted, such as food, cigarettes, etc.
(2) The cooling sensation lasts for a short time;
(3) Strong irritation to eyes;
(4) Obvious mint taste with bitterness;
(5) The feeling of coolness is not strong


In order to overcome the shortcomings above, Since the 1960s, many chemists has began to modify the structure of menthol and Menthone, to research their substitutes for requirements of different occasions. After decades of study, many new cooling additives have been synthesized. So far, there are 8 kinds of commercial cooling agents come out.

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Xi'an Taima Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. currently mainly produces and sells cooling agents: WS-27, WS-23, WS-12/WS-10, WS-5, WS-3.

The main application areas are:

Food, beverages, sweets, daily chemicals and e-cigarettes.

In recent years, everyone's awareness of cooling agents has become higher and higher, and the sales volume of Taima's cooling agents has also doubled, which has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. We are well aware that high-quality products, professional product knowledge and perfect after-sales service are the foundation for the development of Taima cooling agents. Hope our cooling agent will give you the feeling you want.

For detailed cooling agent product knowledge, please refer to our product introduction.

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