China best Cooling Agent Powder on sales
China best WS-23 Cooling Agent on sales
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Xi'an Taima Biological Engineering Co.Ltd

XI’anTaima Biological Engineering Co.Ltd was founded in November 19th, 2008, consists of Concentrate Flavors and cooling agent R&D centers, QC& QA center, Administrative Center and A High-Performing Sales Team.

We are the 99+ nic,800+ vape flavor and koolada(WS-23/WS-12/WS-5/WS-3 powder ) manufacturer in Xian, China.

Since its inception, Our products are exported to countries all over the world. For the high quality products and superior service we provide, we’ve been highly appreciated by our customers.


To always provide our customers with only the highest quality 99+Nic , 800+ flavors and 4 type cooling agent products at the best price possible.

Not only is vaping our business, it’s become our way of life.

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A very very cooperative and accomodating seller. Very comfortable to talk with, product packing and delivery really awesome. Customers care outstanding. Helped find the most reasonable shipping method. Good quality products delivered with careful packing and fast delivery. Wil definitely buy from this sell. -- Avais Malik

Excellent service my order was handled by Mary who was very very co-operative the product is good too. the package was very well packaged very proffesional company. Keep up the good work. -- Khalid Moosa