Menthol Crystal WS-23 Cooling Agent For Vape Juice And Mint Candy White Color

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TM
Certification: Intertek Certificate And Halal Certificate
Model Number: WS-23
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Packaging Details: 1kg
Delivery Time: 6~10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 10000/Month
Detail Information
Color: White Form: Powder
Product Name: Menthol Crystal And Cooling Agent WS-23 For Vape Juice And Mint Candy Sample: Free
Packaging: 25kg,1kgs,500g,100g Application: Food And Beverage
Grade: Food Garde Shelf Life: 2 Years
Use: Vape Juice And Mint Candy MOQ: 1kg
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cooling agent ws 23


koolada ws 23

Product Description

Menthol Crystal And Cooling Agent WS-23 For Vape Juice And Mint Candy

Cooling Agent WS-23


Ws-23 does not come from menthol, but like ws-3, it shows little or no smell or taste, and has low volatility. The sensory evaluation of ws-23 showed that it was better to cool the mouth and the front of the mouth.




Color: white crystalline powder


Features: refreshing, lasting, fresh, no pungent, no bitter, low dosage


Flavor: mint flavor, no pungent


Content: ≥ 99.0%




1. It has strong cold taste activity, no bitter and pungent feeling of menthol, no burning, numbness and other effects. It can produce impact, fresh and long-term aroma on the whole oral mucosa and throat respectively;


2. The continuous high temperature of 200 ℃ will not affect the cooling strength of the product;


3. The cool feeling can last for more than 30 minutes, and the cool feeling is rich;


4. It can solve the difficulty of the development of taste type products and make the products have a pleasant and cool feeling;


5. Low dosage, 30-100ppm recommended;


6. it is recommended to cooperate with essence. This product has good compatibility and synergy with essence.

[packaging and transportation]


Product packaging: packed in bags or paper barrels, with a net content of 1kg for each bag and 25kg for large barrels, which can be customized.


Storage conditions: the product should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.


Transportation mode: express or logistics, domestic express within three days, logistics within five days.

Cooling Agent WS-23 For Vape Juice And Mint Candy

Menthol Crystal WS-23 Cooling Agent For Vape Juice And Mint Candy White Color 0

Cooling Agent WS-23 For Vape Juice And Mint Candy




1. cosmetics: a cool agent for skin and lipstick.


2. Flavoring products: used as a cool flavor enhancer in mint formula, various spices formula and oral care products


3. Food additives: used as coolants in chewing gum and children's sugar


4. air freshener: chemical extraction essence, antioxidant, anti vascular proliferation, anti-virus, so that the air becomes more fresh.


5. Flavoring products: they have quite strong floral or pink flavor, but with a little modification, they can simulate natural musk and other animal flavor


6. Insect repellent: the effect of insect repellent is better than DEET (diethyl-m-toluidamide), which largely replaces the use of diethyl phthalate in insect repellent


7. Conductive device in human sensory system


8. Regulate muscle contraction response


9. It does not irritate the skin and mucous membrane, so it is suitable for products with sensitive skin


10. It has a long-lasting cooling effect and can be used to make cool and refreshing products


Dosage (normal / maximum, mg / kg):


Baked food: 3.0 / 8.0 sugar Granule: 50 / 150


Gum: 750 / 3000 hard sugar: 50 / 50


Menthol Crystal And Cooling Agent WS-23

[after sales service]

Quality terms we have our own test report for each batch of goods. The quality of the products shall be strictly in accordance with the test standards. If the tested content or bacteria test is unqualified after receiving the goods, we can negotiate with our company for return and replacement.


Quality control
the whole production process is controlled to ensure the raw materials are clean, environmental friendly and free from pollution, so as to ensure the production of safe, efficient and pollution-free high-quality flavor cooling agent.


Quality problem if there is any problem with the received goods, please contact customer service personnel at - time.


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