• Black Currant Fruit Flavors For E Liquid Vape Juice High Concentrated
  • Black Currant Fruit Flavors For E Liquid Vape Juice High Concentrated
  • Black Currant Fruit Flavors For E Liquid Vape Juice High Concentrated
  • Black Currant Fruit Flavors For E Liquid Vape Juice High Concentrated
Black Currant Fruit Flavors For E Liquid Vape Juice High Concentrated

Black Currant Fruit Flavors For E Liquid Vape Juice High Concentrated

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TaiMa
Certification: COA

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 125ml
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 125ml, 500ml, 1liter, 5liter Black currant flavor
Delivery Time: 3-5workdays
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 2000kg3-8day
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Detail Information

Other Name: Concentrate Black Currant Fruit Flavor Form: High Concentrated Liquid Flavor
Cas No.: 220-334-2 Certification: COA, MSDS
Grade: USP Grade Mix Ratio: 5%-8%
High Light:

liquid flavor concentrate


e juice fruit flavor

Product Description

Taima Concentrate Black currant fruit flavor for e-liquid vape juice

Black currant fruit flavor

Fruit Flavor Products Description:


Product Name

 Black currant fruit flavor

Brand Name Xi'an Taima





Place of Origin

Xi'an, Shaanxi, China (Mainland)




Synthetic Flavor&Fragrance


USP Grade



Shelf Life

2 years if properly stored

Model Type

Fruit Flavor; PG(Propylene Glycol )/VG(vegetable glycerin) based

Storage Conditions

Appropriate Temperature; Protected from Light


Over500 kinds concentrated Flavor: Tobacco/Fruit/Mint/Al Fakher/Herb/Vegetable and other series flavors

Mix Ratio

5%-8% in PG/VG (You also can add it according to your own taste, at 8%-10%, 10%-12%, etc.


Company Profile

Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co., Ltd, was founded in 2008, located in Xi ‘an China.

specializing in producing USP Grade high concentrate Flavors, All kinds of Cooling Agents.

Our Flavors through Poland, Finland, Germany three agencies detection.

Our Products have got the certificate of MSDS, COA, Intertek, HALA...by Officially tested.


Our concentrate flavors more than 500 kinds include

concentrate Tobacco series Flavour, 

concentrate Fruit series Flavors(Black currant fruit flavor),

concetrate Mint series flavors,

And Al Fakhe Series flavors...


The cooing additives include cooling agent Ws-23, cooling agent WS-27, cooling agent WS-3, cooling agent WS-12, koolada WS-5...


We supply our products worldwide:

Most of the Cooling agent, concentrate flavors(like Black currant fruit flavor) are exported to Europe, USA, UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Asia, Middle East markets, etc.,

Meanwhile, Prompt delivery, as well as the best service, so you can be assured about us.

And, We serve you from our heart, and the Product quality can also tell.




concentrate flavors exhibition

Fruit flavor list



English name


English name


English name


English name

F1 Plum F2 Clove F147 Austraila MilkChocolate F148 Rootbeer
F3 Strawberry F4 Vanilla F149 Cocoa F150 Cookies
F5 Blueberry F6 Liquorice F151 Red Jujube F152 Berry Mix
F7 Greengage F8 Green Tea F153 Pina Colada F154 Blackberry
F9 Bayberry F10 Black Tea F155 Annona Squamosa F156 Canabis
F11 Peach F12 Amaretto F157 Irish Cream F158 Guyabano
F13 Dark Plum F14 Angelica F159 Pandoro F160 Little green man
F15 Grape F16 Spearmint Oil F161 Panettone F162 New Cherry
F17 Red Apple F18 Goji berry F163 Te Nero & Vaniglia F164 Old Cherry
F19 Green Apple F20 Ginseng F165 Yogurt F166 Melon milk
F21 Double Apples F22 Hineysuckle F167 Amber flavor F168 Black cherry
F23 Mango F24 Dr pepper F169 Myst flavor F170 Red Currant
F25 Cherry F26 Rose F171 Cranberry F172 Magnum ice cream
F27 Mandarin F28 Jasmine F173 Nougat F174 Black Liquorice
F29 Orange F30 Lavender F175 Liquorice F176 Sesame
F31 Key Lime F32 Oats F177 Shamrock F178 Twisted Java
F33 Lemon F34 Spearmint F179 Longhorn F180 Smooth 8
F35 Banana F36 Rosemary F181 Reggae Night F182 Ozone
F37 Pineapple F38 Osmanthus Fragrans F183 Cam Blend F184 TFA-vanilla custard
F39 Pear F40 Mung bean F185 Desert ship blend F186 Mellow Sunset
F41 Cinnamon F42 Lamberti F187 Cardamomo F188 Croissant
F43 Litchi F44 Kirsch F189 Guava F190 Tiki Juice
F45 Granny Smith F46 Capuchin F191 Mountain Dew F192 Castagna
F47 Grape Fruit F48 Coffee Chocolate F193 Freedom Juice F194 VCT
F49 Cushman F50 Fruit punch F195 Midnight Apple F196 Pesca
F51 Peanut F52 Rum martini F197 Gin F198 Pistachio
F53 Dragon Fruit flavor F54 Cream Rum F199 Mad Fruit F200 Pompelmo
F55 Forest Fruit F56 Eggnog F201 Noce F202 Torrone
F57 Passion fruit F58 Vermouth F203 Torta mele F204 Banana cream pie
F59 Tropical fruit F60 Whisky F205 France Raspberry F206 Caramel cream puff
F61 Apple pie F62 Red Bull F207 Fennel F208 Espresso
F63 Betel nut F64 White Coffee F209 Anise F210 Strawberry cottan candy
F65 Red Bean F66 Pepsi Cola F211 Vanilla custard F212 Mixed fruit
F67 Peanut Butter F68 Beer F213 Migua F214 Forest strawberry
F69 Longan F70 Caramel Mocha F215 Butter ball candy F216 Cactus
F71 Ginger F72 Caramel F217 Aussie Mango F218 European Mango
F73 Ice cream F74 Butter Rum F219 Asian Mango F220 Rabbit Toffee(Super Milk )
F75 Ketchup F76 Coca cola F221 figs F222 Fanta Grape
F77 Honey F78 Skittles F223 Fanta Orange F224 Dark Cream
F79 Vanilla Bean F80 Grape Blue Mist F225 Cherries F226 Bounty
F81 Berry F82 Rum F227 Grape Yoyo F228 Papaya
F83 Hawthorn F84 Brandy F229 Yakult F230 Magnum ice cream vanilla
F85 Raspberry F86 VitaminA/B/C/D F231 Cucumber F232 Gherkin
F87 Gream Plum F88 Champagne F233 Lemon Grass F234 Fragrant Rice
F89 Swiss sugar F90 Red Wine F235 Avocado F236 Sunflower Seed
F91 Walnut F92 Rum Raisin F237 Sour Plum F238 Barberry
F93 Black Currant F94 Mojito F239 Lime F240 Tutti Fruit
F95 Coolmint Gum F96 Coenzyme Q10 F241 Durian fruit F242 Tie Guanyi
F97 Bubble Gum F98 Wine F243 Pu-erh Tea F244 Oolong Tea
F99 Cotton Candy F100 Flavorless F245 Matcha F246 Kumquat
F101 Caramel Candy F102 Cocktail F247 Aloe F248 France Bluberry
F103 Butter scotch F104 Mocca F249 France Berries F250 Fruit jelly sweets
F105 Buttered Popcorn F106 White Wine F251 mangosteen F252 Tomato
F107 Prince F108 Fruit Cocktail F253 elderberry F254 Sprite
F109 Marshmallow F110 Lemon Limed F255 Tequila F256 cereals
F111 Pomegranate F112 Margaret F257 Pamela fruit F258 Rambutan fruit
F113 Taro F114 Lemonade F259 Vanilla soda F260 Melon
F115 BlackWalnut F116 English Toffee F261 elderflower F262 Pepino fruit
F117 Coconut F118 Molasses F263 Soda F264 Nectarine fruit
F119 Apricot F120 Gummy bear F265 France Apricot F266 TFA/Vanilla Egg Milk
F121 Almond F122 Maple Syrup F267 Jack Fruit F268 Mango Lime
F123 Hazelnut F124 Brownies F269 Italian Pie F270 Malaysian Mango
F125 DJ mix F126 Whipped cream F271 Chocolate Ice Cream F272 Strawberry Pie
F127 Watermelon F128 Cream F273 Toffee F274 Pineapple Pie
F129 Brown Sugar F130 Milk chocolate F275 Mango Medely F276 Vanilla Ice Cream
F131 Kiwi F132 Cocoa Chocolate F277 Mango Pie F278 French Toast
F133 Juicy Peach F134 Chocolate F279 Chocolate Pie F280 Mango Ice Cream
F135 Coffee F136 Milk Tea F281 Banana Pie F282 Banana Ice Cream
F137 Butter F138 Chocolate Raspberry F283 French Vanilla Ice Cream F284 Mung Bean Ice Cream
F139 Milk F140 Chocolate Strawberry F285 Strawberry Ice Cream F286 Matcha Ice Cream
F141 Bakery F142 Cherry mix Cola F287 Blueberry Ice Cream F288 Ice Cream Cake
F143 Cinnamon Bun F144 Banana Chocolate F289 Taro Ice Cream F290 Horny Apple
F145 Cheese Cake F146 Honey Melon
(also called Hami Melon)
F291 Red Bean Ice Cream    

Taima Concentrate Black currant fruit flavor for e-liquid vape juice


Black currant flavor 

Concentrate Black currant fruit flavor​ Usage:

1. Black currant fruit flavor​ used for e-cigarette liquid, e-smoking liquid, and e-juice, vape juice;

2. Black currant fruit flavor​ Used for Car perfume,Air purifier.

3. Black currant fruit flavor​ Used for food, drinks.



Concentrate Black currant flavor​ Order Process

1. Leave a message, then choose the flavor based on your need from our updated flavor list.

2. Give me your contact information (name, address and phone number)

3. Tell us your convenient way of payment, PayPal, W/U or T/T;

4. We make the Invoice for you;

5. After your payment, We ship and send you the tracking number.

Shipping and Packing:

shipping method

Door to Door service by FedEx/TNT/DHL;


payment method

PayPal, T/T, W/U; Alibaba; Bank transfer.


Time delivery

3 -5days after payment ;


Fluorinated bottles/bags first, next packed by Chunky Aluminium foil bag, then in a carton box.

Concentrate flavor packing

concentrate flavors

After-sale services

Firstly, We can guarantee the quality of the products;

Secondly, Choose the safest way of transportation;

Moreover, The fastest delivery speed;

The last, We will be responsible for any quality problem of products. therefore, If any quality problem, we will re-dispatch or make the refund for you

cooling agent

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